About me

Griffin Cloudwalker

Actor - Singer - Magician - Activist
Caregiver - Blogger - Pond Keeper
Son - Brother - Uncle - Husband

These days, I am writing this blog when not caregiving, but
I have a dream of having my own Cabaret Show in SF and NYC!

photo of Griffin as Magician

What I like

And love

Beside acting and entertaining, these are things that grab my attention and bring me joy.

I like creating this website and am enjoying writing my blog. Growing up in California, I love the outdoors and have visited and hiked all the State and National Parks of CA, thank you Boy Scouts Of America. I love dabbling with photography.

Fencing with the Letterman Club was organized through the goodwill of the Letterman Hospital in the Presidio of San Francisco
photo of me, 1992

photo of Griffin in Fencing


Let’s discuss your show. I'm available for work!