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This Weeks Twister

Twister #42

January 23, 2020

Mr. Dodgers and the children in the neighbourhood are raking leaves at Mr. Dodger's house. They have three piles of leaves in the back yard and seven piles of leaves in the front yard. When Mr. Dodgers and the children put all the piles together, how many piles of leaves will they have?

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Twister #41

January 16, 2020

A local jewelry store was robbed and the sack containing the stolen jewels was found several miles from town in some bushes. Shadow had two suspects, Sid Shady and Sam Slug, but made no attempt to investigate or interrogate either of them. Two days later, Shadow summoned both Slug and Shady to his office and promptly arrested the guilty party. Without any investigative work, how could Shadow be certain of arresting the right man?

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Twister #40

January 9, 2020

Shadow was vacationing on the Isle of Begile. On this island the natives always lie and the visitors always tell the truth. While walking along the beach, Shadow was approached by two ladies who introduced themselves as Josie and Cricket. Cricket said to Shadow, "I am a native, but Josie is a visitor." Are the two ladies both natives, both visitors, or one of each?

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