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MindTrap #31

June 13, 2019

How would you rearrange the letters in the words 'new door' to make one word? Note: There is only one correct answer.

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MindTrap #30

June 10, 2019

Slip Shodd was bragging about the ranch he had purchased when Charles Pompuss commented that it was probably just a 'piddly little' two horse farm. Slip thrust out his chest and replied, "My ranch, I'll have you know, has all horses but two, all cows but two and all sheep but two." How many animals does Slip own?

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MindTrap #29

June 10, 2019

Duncan Drivel was riding a particularly frisky horse when suddenly its bridle came off. As they raced down the road, a screaming Duncan clung to the horse's ears for dear life. Out of the corner of his eye, Duncan saw a car coming and realizing the horse was completely out of control, he panicked. Flailing his arms about, he accidentally caused the horse to come to an abrupt halt. What could Duncan have done to make the horse stop?

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MindTrap #28

May 18, 2019

If a block weighs eight kilograms plus half a block, what is the weight of a block and a half?

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