This Weeks MINDTRAP Solution

Mindtrap #22

December 4, 2018

It was during a live circus performance and the band conductor prematurely stopped the music. The blindfolded tightrope walker thought he had reached the end of the rope, and when he went to step on the expected platform, it wasn't there and he fell to his death.

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Mindtrap #21

November 25, 2018

The answer is yes. Theoretically, the answer would appear to be no, since to move at all, it would seem the exact center is moving in two directions at once, which is of course impossible. The exact centre of a wheel does turn since the particle in the centre of the wheel, be it ever so small, could always be divided in half and this process could continue indefinitely.

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Mindtrap #20

November 10, 2018

None. A pear tree does not bear plums.

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