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Trivia Twister Solution

Twister #47

September 3, 2020

King Tut was born in 20 B.C. There were 120 years between the birth of King Eros and the death of King Tut, but since their ages amounted to only 100 years, there must have been 20 years when neither existed. This would be the period between the death of King Eros, 40 B.C. and the birth of King Tut, 20 B.C.

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Twister #46

May 16, 2020

Neither. The yolk of the egg is yellow.

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Twister #45

March 5, 2020

This rather popular substance is water. At 32 degrees fahrenheit, the density of ice is .9175, whereas, the density of water at 32 degrees is .9988. When you add ice to water, you will notice it always floats.

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